Friday, March 2, 2012

Design Your Digital Classroom

I have just returned from the Illinois Computing Educators Conference where I had the opportunity to facilitate a full day session titled Design Your Digital Classroom. This session wasn't about the ratio of students to machines, nor was it a prescription for using one type of technology.  The focus was on how to use technology as a tool for learning to support all learners in the 24/7 classroom. The participants were dedicated, innovative educators from across the state of Illinois, each bringing their own expertise and needs to the group. Each leaving excited about something that worked for them. Differentiated instruction and flexible learning paths work for everyone!

Here are the resources I put together for this day.

How to use this interactive graphic:
Click on the small circle next to Slideshow to view a linear presentation of the big concepts OR click on the small circle associated with each idea to view more information and find resources on my wiki.

Digital Differentiation Webinar Series in June

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